June 2021 Book Round Up

June 2021 Book Round Up

It’s June, it’s the month when Summer starts, and at least for me, I really start reading a bunch more. I want to share with you what I’m currently listening to/reading as well as what I have finished this month. This includes fiction, non-fiction, parenting books, kid books.

What do I really like?

What’s worth your time and what could you possibly pass on?

I will let you know because I’m a straight-up, get-to-the-point person. Ya know, one of those straight shooter people…where am I going with this? I do not know. Let’s get to the book list!

What Should you Read?  Three Grumpy Trucks by Todd Tarpley (Yes!)

What Should I Read: Three Grumpy Trucks

The first book is called Three Grumpy Trucks.  If you have a child who likes trucks this book is for you.  If you have a child who likes playing outside and playing until they are exhausted, this book is for you.  We got this one from our local library and my son adores it.  I think we read it almost every day before bed.  It’s pretty adorable:  three trucks are just playing so hard, but they don’t want to go…their child tells them it’s time, but they urge her to let them stay and she does until they basically have a truck tantrum.  My son sees the connection between the trucks’ meltdown and how he and his sister act sometimes and he thinks it’s just SOOOOO funny!

What Should You Read?  The Proximity Principle by Ken Coleman (maybe)

What Should I Read: Proximity Principle

Next up, The Proximity Principle by Ken Coleman is the book I’m currently working on reading.  I’m just about finished.  This book is ok in my opinion.  I really appreciate the author’s passion and his story about how he made his dream job happen.  It is inspiring.  I feel that some of the tips are helpful:  like using your contacts and looking at how they can help you get to where you want to be with your career and using your free time to volunteer or work for very little to learn the skills you need for the new job.

I think that this is for people who want to pivot with their current career or who are just starting out and looking for their dream job.  Maybe I’m just a stick in the mud and I wasn’t getting the connection to my life, but perhaps this book would be very helpful for someone else.  My husband loves Ken Coleman’s podcast.  Have you listened to it?  He’s such a positive and uplifting person.  I very much recommend the podcast.

What Should you Read?  The Princess Bride by William Goldman  (YES!)

What Should I Read: Princess Bride

Lastly, this book is one of those books that I could read a million times and never get tired of. If you’ve only watched the movie, you haven’t heard the full story as the book is just incredible and it should be read. I am not going to link this one as my version is one from 1973 and I can’t seem to locate it anywhere on the Internet. I will let you decide which version you want to read as there are several: good parts version, unabridged, pictures…you decide what you want or you can just grab a copy from the library. Definitely recommend it as a read though!

There you go! 3 books that I’m reading that may spark your interest or your child’s interest. What are you reading and recommend? I need some books for July.

Also, if you are interested in some parenting books I have read, here’s a post about 3 parenting books that helped us adjust things in our home for the better! Enjoy!