If you are anything like my family, during the last year you have taken many many many MANY (clearly, emphasis on the many) walks because there is not much else to do. Our walks are mainly in our neighborhood so to mix it up a bit I created a Nature Bingo board for the kids to complete while we are walking. Most of the time, Declan rides his bike, but if he is feeling tired we can take this out so he can ride in the stroller and look for different things outdoors. If it were up to him, this would be full of construction trucks!

Also, in Ohio, the Brood X Cicadas are infesting our outdoors and singing their loud song, so feel free to tell your child to switch the cicada to another bug if you don’t have those bizarre, 17-year-old bugs around you! Our house and trees are covered…but I digress!

I hope you enjoy this Nature Bingo! Just save the image to your device and print!