Working from home, small children, pandemic…this has been quite a difficult time for so many people. Thankfully, we have had our jobs, health, each other during this wild ride. That said, and I know we aren’t alone, trying to get things done with children who are in the neediest phase of their life has been next to impossible. Also being responsible for their learning and entertainment is a lot of pressure!

I started investigating subscription boxes for our 3 year old. He loves art, crafts, learning activities–basically just loves doing things. Regularly, he walks up to me and says, “I want to do an activity.” So…I started bookmarking a bunch of subscription boxes that were STEM based or artsy, but then I landed on Ivy Kids Kits. Wow, I was blown away by the photos of the activities and the amount of supplies and activities that were included. I figured ok maybe it is just the example kit on their website, but I’m here to tell you, no! They are all wonderful! We’ve received 3 now and they are fantastic kits with so many activities that we don’t seem to get through them all before our next box arrives.

The March 2021 theme focuses on the book, The Lost Narwhal. Activities are geared towards ages 3-8 and are tiered so that a 3 year old can access as well as an 8 year old can be offered developmentally appropriate activities. There are art activities, a game (actually this specific kit has 2 games!), supplies such as a measuring tape, a glue stick, paints a ceramic narwhal and other odds and ends. Everything is explained in the activity guides so there is no guessing which materials go with which paper and what you should do with a worksheet or craft. It is simply laid out, easy to follow and rich in content.

The Ivy Kids Kit activities and supplies are nicely packed in a medium sized box.  They send you all of the materials that you’ll need for the activities in that box except for liquid glue and scissors, which they sent in our very first box.  Also, I don’t know about you, but we have glue sticks galore up in this house so I appreciate that they don’t send more liquid glue every time–yes, we are are fully stocked!  The paints are wrapped in plastic (hallelujah), this pack has sidewalk chalk (amazing) and there is a CERAMIC NARWHAL.  All of the activities are in an Ivy Kids Kit baggy and they are clearly written and the content is just (chef’s kiss)!  I mean…  Who gets more excited about these kits, me or Declan?

There are so many things I love about this kit as it entertains my energetic child for long periods of time, but I’m going to tell you my number one, most ideal, most fabulous, incredible thing that has happened through using these boxes:  This 3 year old is learning sportsmanship!  Whaaaaaaaa?????  I’m not sure if it is just us, please tell me it’s not to make me feel better, but man 3 year olds hate to lose.  The tears, the wailing, the DRAMA.  We have been playing all the included games in these kits and I’m not lying, they are pretty fun for even an adult.  My 3 year old friend hates losing, but he loves these games even when he loses.  I’ve talked to him about winning and losing and how you still have to have grace in whatever you face so after the game is over, you shake hands and say good game otherwise your opponent won’t want to play with you.  Yes, we had to do some chats and I know, I know (*ahem, *cough), that’s some amazing parenting ;)  However, without these fun and motivating games on the line, he wouldn’t absorb all that sportsmanship mumbo jumbo I’m spewing.

So this is my honest review of this product.  We purchased it ourselves (well Grandma did) and were not compensated or provided any products for this review.  We simply love it and if you want to try out an activity kit, this is a great one.  I do not think you’ll be disappointed!